Writing on a phone for the first time

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

I have never written anything of substantial length and credibility on a phone. That makes this my first time.

I have written in papers with pens and in desktop and laptop computers with keyboards, but never in a phone. This is the first time I am doing this. I don’t have anything to say. All I am doing is sitting here writing on a phone; touching screen to be precise to see where things go. I am already enjoying this.

It’s a different feeling. Since my sight of vision is no longer limited by a wide-screen, I have much more mobility with my head and it is fun getting to look around. In fact, it feels closer to writing in paper than on a computer. I think I should do this more.

One thing is that, I have a suggestive dictionary turned on. I am not used to words being suggested to me as I type. This seems helpful. But will surely be detrimental to my vocabulary and spelling/word-sense.

The process of backspacing is fun!

Writing on messaging/social media platforms and notes allow space for informality. Writing on Medium this way, trying to be grammatically correct is a different matter altogether. I am not very comfortable with the keyboard (touchpad). May be it is just because this is my first time. I might surely get more proficient and efficient in this if I do more of this.

Once again, these suggestions are really helpful but I do not want to use much of them. I am doing my best to ignore them. May be I should try writing next time by turning them off because just selecting words from down below won’t do good to my spelling skills.

It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. My hands are getting a bit sweaty but that’s just because I tend to get sweaty.

I don’t have much to write anymore. I just want to publish it to see how it goes. One thing I noticed is that I tend to want to get informal in every opportunity I get. For instance, I wrote wanna. I was meaning to write want to. But that is just the way our mind works. It is based on familiarization.

Typing fast increases the chances of errors. Apart from that, I haven’t yet found methods to use Del. I tend to use it a lot to undo paragraphs.

Increasing fonts is convenient.

Using bold and italics is not bad. But, tHIS AUTO CAPS thing is rEally REally ANnoying!!!

I guess continuity will make things different and I will surely get used to it once I write more.

P.S. I formatted the title, added an image and wrote this in my laptop. It said someone else was editing so…




Writer. Thinking, Experiencing. Mind-Life-Humans-Cosmos. Subscribe to me via email. More at https://fradesh.com |

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Adesh Acharya

Adesh Acharya

Writer. Thinking, Experiencing. Mind-Life-Humans-Cosmos. Subscribe to me via email. More at https://fradesh.com |

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