Why Do Writers Still Exist?

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ne would have thought the arrival of high-tech, internet and high-end multimedia (especially videos) would have ended professional writing forever. I mean writing that is supposed to be read. Not a base for some other form of media.

But the relevancy of platforms such as Medium, Vocal, Substack proves that writing still exists. And so do writers.

Medium has an Alexa ranking of 123.

Vocal 3,949 and

Substack 1,020.

All these are decent positions.

But why?

Why are dry-written-words relevant in the age where anything that can be thought can be videod?

I see two types of people who write. First, are those who do it for the same reason some people like to be around nature in a world competing to bait each other to the next digital attention — Writing is a natural form of expression. Reading is a natural form of learning.

Writing and Reading have their own subtleties not found in other modern mediums. Using it in modern systems is like taking phones on a hike. Videos and other formats are important, but for such writers and readers, writing/reading takes them to intellectual zones other mediums have not yet been able to take to and possibly can never replicate.

The Second type of people are those who either cannot-make or do not want to make videos. Those who cannot-make simply do not have the skills or confidence.

Those who do not want to make videos, find writing more convenient and video-making more time-consuming and tedious. While a video gets done, a good writing piece can be published and the remaining time can be used for learning or whatever they wish.

There are third type of people who write too, but they only do it for money. So let us not consider them as writers. Not that they care!

Another reason Professional writers exist is because readers do. First type of readers are those who love drinking words. They want to have control over their texts. They prefer static words in a dynamic mind rather than dynamic words in a static mind.

Then there are those who don’t find videos convenient. Some may even find videos nauseous.

This relevance also goes to show that there are enough people in the world currently who write and read. This is good news for humanity. For it implies there are a lot of those who still like to think uniquely, dive deep and venture into new intellectual territories!



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