Who Is A Pandit? — According To Vidura

A Pandit is someone who doesn’t abandon an initiated task!

  1. A Pandit is someone who has the knowledge of his true situation and has the strength to persevere through hardships and pain (1:20)
  2. A Pandit is someone who isn’t influenced by anger, happiness, pride, shame and who doesn’t consider himself to be the best (1:22)
  3. A Pandit is someone whose actions are known to others only after they have been carried out (1:23)
  4. A Pandit is someone whose works are immune to the effects of heat, cold, fear, love, lust, and wealth (1: 24)
  5. A genius pays close attention to what is being said and grasps it right away. Following that, he begins to Purushartha. He never makes uninformed comments about other people. A Pandit is someone who possesses these qualities(1:27)
  6. A Pandit doesn’t lust over the unattainable. He doesn’t worry about things lost or damaged. He isn’t intimidated by hard times (1:28)
  7. A Pandit first decides to do something, and only then does he actually start doing it. He doesn’t stop the task mid-way and doesn’t waste his time. A Pandit has self-control (1:29)
  8. Pandits show interest towards real deeds. They do action that is beneficial and promotes welfare. They refrain from interfering with actions carried out for the benefit of others (1:30)
  9. A Pandit is one who neither displays excessive joy at being respected nor sings songs of self-glorification or becomes enraged while being treated with contempt. (1:31)
  10. A Pandit is someone who can speak eloquently, debate in a variety of ways, is rational, and can use examples from different scriptures to illustrate their points.(1:33)
  11. A Pandit is someone whose knowledge and reasoning follow each other and who values the dignity of deserving people (1:34)
  12. A person who isn’t arrogant in spite of great knowledge and wealth is a Pandit (1:45)



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