What’s Medium for?

And where do I write?

Adesh Fr
3 min readOct 26, 2023


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The leaves are yellow on that tree but if I turn my head around I will see trees with red and yellow leaves. It is fall in Canada and it makes up for some interesting poetry — but who has the motivation to write and read poetry?

I want to write something people will read. If I write what no one reads, that wouldn’t be writing, it would be thinking. But I want to do more than just think.

To remember what Medium said a few months ago as they started a new initiative, I noted their words on a paper and stuck it on my wall. Here are some key points:

  • Medium wants to be an open platform where everyone can read and write stories in a beautiful, ad-free interface.
  • Medium will reward stories they feel most proud to bring to their members.
  • Medium wants human stories that deliver actual human wisdom.
  • Medium wants to provide alternative to the opportunities people get on the rest of the internet.
  • Medium wants us to tell our story rather than churn out content.
  • Medium wants us to take time to go deeper, research longer, edit more as they will distribute those content.
  • Medium wants ‘original, high quality, personal stories, hidden life wisdom, deep knowledge, locked up in our collective lives.’
  • Medium doesn’t want attention grabbing, clickbait, formulaic derivative, or AI content.
  • Medium wants us to write fewer stories with more heart and soul poured into them.
  • Medium wants writings that do more than just grab attention.
  • etc.

I don’t care what they want and say but Medium feels comfortable.

In this age of self-broadcasting, I don’t want to send my work to some archaic journal and wait…I want to churn out great words and believe I can achieve success on my own. I don’t see TikTokers or YouTubers sending their videos to some video-publication or tweeters sending their tweets to tweet police. I want to spread my thoughts and feelings on my screen and hit that publish button — knowing there’s a probability that my words will be read. That’s enough. Nobody has read my last hundred stories but…