Un-Learn the Lessons From Silicon Valley

Yes, they have given us a lot. But they have taken more in return!

Adesh Acharya
6 min readDec 16, 2021


Yesterday I wrote a piece analyzing Steve Jobs through his quotes:

As I went through his life and ideas, I realized how profound impact this guy and his type of thinking has had in our minds and the world today.

I will cut to the chase: The impact is damaging!

Yes, I do understand that the laptop I use, the phone I use — are all the results of innovative works done on the West Coast of the United States. And I also understand that these technologies are the very reason why I could dare to self-study and self-employ myself.

But when I looked at these people and their motives closely, a horrifying reality grimly slapped me in the face: These people wanted to rule the world and our minds, and they did!

Now there’s nothing new with people wanting to rule others. It has been happening forever. And there’s nothing we have been able to do to remove this part of our existence.

  • Tribal leaders talked of security, and ended up leading.
  • Spiritual/Religious leaders talked of material salvation, and ended up leading.
  • Democratic heroes talked of freedom, and ended up leading.
  • Communistic utopia promised of kinglessness, and ended of leading.

This has been going on forever and unless we do something radical to the collective human conscience, it will continue to do so. In this latest chapter, however, our leaders are the hollow boys from California — who talked of technological-empowerment, and have ended up leading!

Yes, once again I will say — the technology I use today is their blessing. It has helped me in my learning and creative process.


  • Wasn’t that commander a blessing to normal folks who didn’t know where the next attack would come from?
  • Weren’t spiritual talks a blessing to people when they failed to attain satisfaction through material pursuits?
  • Wasn’t democratic ideal a blessing to citizens when tyrants horsed around doing whatever they wanted?
  • Wasn’t communism a blessing when capitalistic thinking destroyed the life and soul of people who bled their sweat in work?

What I have realized is — Whenever we accept blessings, we accept reverence too! And this is what is happening to our world today: We have unknowingly welcomed new Gods because we were so blind with the blessings given to us.

But there’s something damaging about gods, that’s why we time and time again put up a struggle to destroy the old temples and jump into creating a new one whenever anyone promises to take the initiative. This damaging thing is: God rules over not just our life and economics, God infiltrates deep into our minds!

And this is why I said that the impact of Silicon Valley heroes is damaging: They are not just about technology. They have infiltrated into the deepest regions of our individual minds — therefore into our social behavior. They have become our new Gods. Like it or not!

The concept of God was to create a presence so strong within us that it penetrates deep into our consciousness and the teaching dictates our every thought and behavior. The same is with any kind of ideology. And the same is happening to us with the values of Silicon Valley.

There are a few mindsets I noticed that have come out of there:

  • The only purpose of life is to make it big, you shall believe!
  • Tell them you are denting the Universe, and they will follow
  • Become a king through entrepreneurship, and they will bow
  • Create platforms, set the rules, and they will fight
  • Create technologies that expose their weaknesses, and they will drool
  • Create technologies that encourage laziness, and they will submit
  • Make them dependent on you and your work, and they will surrender
  • Tell them the market decides, and they will feel helpless
  • Tell them their life will get better, and they will believe

and finally,

  • Present yourself with daunting cockiness and — they will worship

Again, it is not about the technologies, it is about the impact these ideas have had on our minds and the world. It is about the impact this kind of thinking is having on technologies themselves.

One can only wonder what kind of technologies we might have had if they were not dictated by the ambitions of intellectually immature children with fanciful dreams! (With a lot of support from the Uncle, of course!)

See for yourself. Look at the richest people in the world today and all that have come out of that wretched valley called Silicon, don’t you see all of the above being ticked?

Look at the most powerful person in the world today, doesn’t he talk the biggest?

Look at the audacity of a person who trades in software, don’t you bow?

Look at ‘that’ platform for instance, aren’t we bashing our horns with each other?

Look at the platform that had to recently change its name for posterior goodwill, didn’t it expose us all naked?

Look at the watch in your hand, are you supposed to be told when to sleep and when to wake up? Do we need a bloody software to tell us if our grammar is correct or not?

Look at the most popular internet search service, can you even search your key anymore?

Look at the heap of algorithm-driven generic content that is eclipsing who knows how many Aristophanes, Rousseaus, Beethovens and Teslas (Nikola), don’t you feel powerless?

Look at your life, did you need all these fancy AI driven inspectors, don’t you feel duped?

Look at the confidence of those narrow-minded marketing coaches spread over the internet like cockroaches in a gutter — who promise you a navigation through the market — don’t they make you feel helpless? (Even if you ‘make it’ through their coaching, you will have already become somebody else. It comes at a price: you have to be one of them!)

And all this is damaging: they have turned our mind and the world into one pathetic automated machine whose only function is to ‘dent the universe.’ Isn’t the universe already dented enough?

I am convinced now more than ever: We have had enough of technology. They aren’t going to solve any of our issues. It’s people’s behavior that has to be mended. It’s not out of a utopian need, it’s out of self-preservation that I speak this.

A person who takes vulgar pictures of young children will continue to do so — be it on an analog camera or IPhone 13!

A culture that produces crap drama will continue to do so — be it in theatre or Netflix!

Two nations that fight with each other will continue to do so — be it in SC Sea or Mars!

A country whose people are morally corrupt will continue to deceive the public — be it through government or e-commerce!

A spoilt kid who irritates others will continue to do so — be it through his bicycle bell or 1000 cc bikes!

These toys just don’t matter if people are going to be the same.

We have reached to a point where there can be millions of articles on the internet talking about the dangers of AI for writers and yet, none have the audacity to stand up and say: Stop this AI bullshit!

I really wonder:

What kind of technologies we might have had if they were not driven by the ambitions of intellectually immature children with fanciful dreams!

Coming back to the original point, we are driven today by the ideals of: superficial living, technology/market dependence, mutual exploitation and averageness with cocky-presentation. All these are Silicon Valley givens.

Yes, Silicon Valley has given a lot more to us. And I personally thank them for it. But now it’s time to move on. Now it’s time to unlearn. It’s damaging. This is not what life is about!

And for those who care about posterity,

I think the people of 2050 will wonder:

What kind of life we might have had if those who were aware 30 years ago did not surrender to the ambitions of the intellectually immature children with fanciful dreams!

So what do we do?

We start off by unlearning the lessons taught by them and detoxifying ourselves of their influence.

Technology isn’t wrong. The ones who control it should be scrutinized. Technology can be used for self-knowing, experiences, and exploration. It has to be freed from the clutches of Lusty boys of Sillicon Valley! and so should our thoughts and life and the world and…