The Human Paradox

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At least 900 species have gone extinct in the last five centuries and More than 35,000 species have been evaluated to be threatened with extinction today. This is the species count. Imagine the number of members gone!

This website here: 2021 U.S. Animal Kill Clock ( keeps count of the number of animals slaughtered in the US in the current year. The number at the time of this typing is — 49,336,478,598.

It is estimated that in the year 1500 there were 461 million people in the world. Each year 140 million human babies enter the world while around 59 million leave.

Not every species that goes extinct is due to human beings. But we are responsible for a few!

A quick walk around a city like Kathmandu will show you stories. Better than movies because they will show you stories of not just human beings’ sorrows and glories but of dogs. Stray dogs!

Dogs like to get cozy in winters or when it gets cold. They like to wrap themselves around their own body to generate heat.

A dog warming itself as such gets disturbed by the noise of a speeding motorbike (which Nepal quite honestly hasn’t made and doesn’t deserve considering its output) which passes by the dog.

The dog is forced to get up in horror only to realize that all is safe. No one cares about him/her enough to even intentionally bother. The biker is gone — to his friends perhaps. To watch a game of football perhaps! The dog looks on in shock. The moment of warmth has been snatched! No one knows if the dog will be able to sleep in that place again.

Sights such as these make you apathetic towards people. While you may a few minutes earlier have empathized with those desperate waiting human-eyes in shops that don’t sell a thing — You stop caring.

You then start questioning — Why should I only empathize with people? What right do some people have to burden others? Why are some people even existing? Why can’t there be a system that looks at animals and animal-like humans equally?

It is nothing to be ashamed of. If the same question can be asked of dogs and other animals then why not of humans?

If more than 50 billion animals can be killed each year in US alone, what is the big deal with COVID? Let me go. Let them go.

(Such stray dogs are mercilessly killed by the municipality once their population goes out of hand)

Why sustain a species at the price of finishing every other?

The paradoxical questions are :

  • Why do so many people have to live?
  • What is their purpose?
  • Why does a human get to ask these questions?
  • Where is the management?

To the third and fourth questions I have another question:

Is it time for an association of Post-Humans, who are intellectually superior to normal people?

Such Post-Humans can be decided on an emotional and intelligence criteria. Not IQ, Mensa or likes. Something new. Something beautiful. Something glorious!

Why can’t those Post-Humans then manage humans, just as normal humans manage animals and slaughter-houses?

Not to eat of course!

The idea is to create a situation where a superior breed of humans take control over the world and with intellect and empathy manage other humans, creatures and environment. Creating a balance.

How can it be done?

It won’t be easy of course!

But remember: It mustn’t have been easy for our ancestors to tame and manage dogs too.

The number at the time of this finishing is — 49,344,410,694!



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