Seven Deadly Ills Of Modern Life

Stay away. Stay healthy!!!

Adesh Fr
8 min readJul 31, 2022

Photo by Josh Hild:

Do you also worry you are not doing enough or learning enough? Given your standard of yourself, do you think you aren’t productive enough? Do you feel like something is stopping you from being a certain place, feeling a certain way?

Even when you do manage to get rid of all distractions and do the things you ought to work on, do you feel a certain rope kind of thing pulling you into something — away from your deed? Do you also get anxious if you do not allow yourself to be pulled by that rope?

Do you feel anxious, nervous, sleepy, tired, insecure, confused, jealous, etc. most of the time?

If your answer is yes, than it implies that you too — like me — have been falling prey to the Seven Deadly ills of modern life.

I’ve been successful in avoiding all seven of these ills as of the time of this writing.

Yes, at some point of my life, I have experienced all these which makes me sit here and think that I should be sharing these ills with the world. I — with confidence — hold these ills responsible for many of my weaknesses, unproductivity and misery. They have threatened me, sucked life’s joy and beauty out of me and have almost killed me. These are serious diseases and should be cured/removed/avoided.

I will now share my personal experiences with each and communicate why I consider them to be ills.

Here we go then…here are SEVEN DEADLY ILLS OF MODERN LIFE:

  1. Facebook: It’s been a dozen years since I deleted my personal facebook account. In between, I have created random accounts to manage my business accounts.
    The major reason I deleted my personal account all those years ago was because certain people I didn’t want anything-to-do-with started appearing there. Those included distant relatives and school-bullies (teachers included).
    I was going through a transition in my life which included a lot of pdf learnings in my devices, and the last thing I wanted was their face in my sacred temple. Whenever any of those people appeared through suggestions or through posts of friends’ friend, I got agitated. I was clear with myself on the fact that I did not want to befriend them at any cost. Yet…