Read These Ten Important Classic Books

These books will challenge you. They will take you to the limits of your thoughts and emotions.

Adesh Fr
9 min readJul 19

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Back in November of 2021, I created a list of ten important classic books. It was a 25 minute read with significant quotes from the books.

Today I am bringing it back. But without the quotes and with edits.

Please visit this link if you want to read the quotes from the books: 10 Books You Should Read!. These books will have a great impact on… | by Adesh Acharya | Medium

Let’s begin.

10. The Sorrows of Young Werther — Goethe (Translated to English by Michael Hulse)

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There is an interesting history with this book:

This book started a phenomenon throughout Europe called “Werther Fever”, where young men followed the clothing style described in this novel for Werther and used similar pistols. This book also led to some of the first known examples of copycat suicide.

It inspired Napoleon Bonaparte and perhaps that entire lot of German philosophers who have gone on to become the Philosophy’s superstars. Some say it may have triggered Romanticism.

This is a short novel about a character called Werther who is happy to be away! He is an artist who is at odds with society and is awkward with romance and life.

This novel is written in first-person where Goethe takes us deep into Werther’s mind — into both his inspiration and insecurities.

Link: The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | Goodreads

9. The Ghost-seer — Schiller

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This book is common to the book above: it is by Goethe’s buddy Friedrich von Schiller and is also a short novel.