Modern Temples: The White Screen

Digital writing as a way of inner connection

Adesh Acharya
1 min readJun 11


When I click the ‘Write’ icon on Medium, I see this white screen that displays three black things, Draft in Adesh Acharya, and grey Saved or Saving texts on its upper left. On the upper right corner is a green button with a white font that displays Publish followed by three grey dots, a grey bell, and my photo in a circle frame.

Each time I reach here, I enter into a different psychological zone filled with excitement and reflection. Everything else vanishes: All problems occupying me, all practical stuff left undone.

Soon I won’t notice items on the top. All that remains is this white screen where I am supposed to type words. Hands get automated. The keyboard blurs. Everything I can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, think and feel — feels like clay from which I am to sculpt!

Soon even the sculpting vanishes.

All that remains is a white canvas with black ink where I get peaceful, where I sense a responsibility towards the human race:

This is templesque!

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