Mental Discipline Is A Ceaseless Process

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You wake up early and chant that impactful mantra of yours. You turn to that part of your favorite book that you have so passionately underlined. You close your eyes and drink in your favorite feeling. Now you feel good. You feel clear. You feel stable.

‘Life isn’t that tough after all,’ you say to yourself and go about your business.

Yet, during the day as you sit burping the essence of your lunch, you feel agitated. Confused. Things have gone disarray again! Your mantra doesn’t work, your favorite quote doesn’t seem to have the potency it had earlier.

‘This mind and life is a sick thing! Why this suffering?’ you question yourself.

‘I had done the rightful deed this morning,’ you say.

Same is with your life.

In your early youth, you have done all the correct things. You have worked your ass off to get educated, get fit, get disciplined. You have acquired knowledge, experience, friends, etc.

‘I will do the right things and life will be great,’ you had said to yourself while pushing yourself hard at the most difficult parts.

Yet, as you sit burping the essence of the same lunch, you feel agitated. Confused. Things have gone disarray again! Your education hasn’t given you the wisdom it seemed to promote, your income doesn’t seem to have the potency it had promised!

‘This mind and life is a sick thing! Why this suffering?’ you question yourself.

‘I had done all the correct things’, you say.

Then why do you suffer?

It is because you have approached mental discipline like a painkiller. It is unlike physical discipline in that a dose in the morning won’t work for the entire day. A routine in youth doesn’t attach forever. Physical changes are more stable, like a lake. While, blood and bones are resistant to rapid and random change — as a drop of ink in a small part of a lake is likely to remain in a small periphery for longer — thoughts are something that never the same remain! The knowledge of youth vanishes if not re-invoked.

Mental discipline, like a flowing river, is a process for 24 hrs. For the entire day. For the entire month. For the entire year. For every minute, second and breathe of your life. It is something you have to be willing and capable to do all the time. Morning mantra doesn’t work in the day. You need a day mantra. Your influential author doesn’t do it for you forever, you need new avenues. Youth hardships don’t toughen you forever. You need new hardships. Everyday, every minute, every breathe!

It’s a tough task, that is why you need to enjoy your mental games. You have to remember that the goals you have set for yourself, the virtues and values you are about are challenged by every change of weather, every new person you meet, every food you eat. They don’t sustain, because thoughts like change. Enjoyment is the only thing that will keep you fresh, sane and most importantly, growing.

Constant re-evaluation and adaptation is the deal. All the time. Everytime a problem hits. Everytime a crisis arrives. Everytime nothing happens. Everytime you feel good. Everytime you feel complete. Every single time, you need to be working and playing with the things in your head. Mantras have to be upgraded to the point that the words in them aren’t the same in two phases of the day. Gurus have to be changed at the pace at which your thoughts pinch. You have got to re-educate yourself all the time, gather new experiences in every new breath and find new friends as frequently as you drink.

Dreams, goals, strategy, plans, tactics have to be re-monitored, re-evaluated as much as required. A doubt cannot be taken as a burden. It has to be taken as an opportunity for upgrade. The more doubtful you are today, the more complete you become in the overall picture. And you have to be open to the change in the overall picture too!

Once again, unlike a physical body which is more stable like a lake, the mind and thoughts are like a river. It flows and flows and you have to be willing and capable of flowing with it. It can’t be a burden if you want your mind to do exactly what you want it to do. The process has to be enjoyed. An appearance of anxiety must be complemented by a feeling of joy that you will find its reasons. That joy must be complemented by curiosity as to why it has come.

Each moment, each breath! Process. Discipline yourself. Enjoy. Upgrade!



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