Life and Nothing More

Adesh Fr
2 min readNov 22, 2021
Photo by Nina Uhlíková from Pexels

WE have been accustomed to looking at our life from the point-of-view of struggles and successes to such an extent that — A quick imagination of us having attained everything we want/need will take us into a void.

A void I like to call — positive anxiety.

‘What will I do once I have it all?’, we ask ourselves in the state of positive-anxiety.

It is justified because we do to get. Once we get, what will be left to do?

It is as if all foundations of our existence have shattered. Void void void.

This is a result of us interpreting life as nothing more than a playground for failure and success! We have become accustomed to understanding and fighting adversity. This has affected us such that the thought of life without adversity makes it seem meaningless.

Not that imagination is the ultimate. There’s still work to do in reality. Enough to engage us forever. Enough to disallow the void.

But life is surely not just a playground for success and failure!

Q: So, what do we do? How do we solve the issue?

A: By looking at life as an opportunity for exploration and experience.

Irrespective of our state of success or failure, let us focus on exploring and experiencing every possible detail of life. This way the walls of success-failure will fall and the void will vanish:-— leaving the entire world open for us —: To learn, to live!

There will aways be a thing to do: Live more.

Life and Nothing more!