Judging people from my window

Adesh Acharya
6 min readJul 2, 2024
The view from my chair. Image by the author.

I look outside from the first-floor living room window of my downtown apartment.

The area is empty but will fill up pretty soon. A black Toyota SUV just parked one space to the left of the car in the photograph. A lady stepped out with a mug of Tim Hortons and walked towards the entrance of the building.

It is not just people, buildings and cars, I like looking at birds and animals too. I mostly watch sparrows and also seagulls on hot days. People and dogs walking each other is a common sight from here. It’s a good viewpoint with good angles although I wish that broad building was more to the right so I would get to see the lake. If I lean back, tilt my head to the right and look straight I can see the main street with more cars, people and action so I am not complaining that hard.

A lady wearing blue jeans and a black jacket just walked across my building to the main street and took a right towards the lake. In five seconds, I looked at her clothes, hair, legs, feet, movement and formed not easily describable judgment. Sights such as this make me ask myself if I should try becoming a filmmaker instead of a writer because with a camera I can so easily share what I see. But it is not just because of the subtleties yet beyond my writing abilities. It is also because with a camera I don’t have to describe the obvious like the race and the age…