How must it be at the top?

How must it be at the absolute top of the realm where the most powerful dwell? Where the leaders of men, The Kings, The Sultans, The Billionaires — eat, sleep, drink and breed.

It must not be easy for anyone who first enters there with dreams of one day being among the most powerful:

They would suddenly find themselves with a lot of work to do — without time to eat, sleep conveniently, drink pleasurably. All of which they used to do adequately. Day and night would start feeling the same. They would not have any time at all for their loved ones. Hundreds of calls and messages would be ignored from them. There would be no time for all that anymore, for the mountain to climb is very high!

All this would lead that person to feel like a schoolchild once again — when the parents haven’t come to pick you up in time while everyone else has left!

How much would the heart of that person weep?! Every moment would feel like a dreaded dream that never ends. Every second would be spent questioning whether they made the right decision to be there.

Every word and attitude from the ones higher would remind that person of the headmaster at school. That person would surely feel like a schoolchild. A lonely, lost schoolchild! But a child without a home to go back to.

It surely does seem pretty cold up there!

The things that would keep that person from breaking down would probably be pride and the desire for more power — The idea of one day making it to the absolute top — Ruling men, animals, Ruling the World. People crying, begging, kneeling, bending over in front of you. People willing to sell their bodies and soul to you.

Those who cannot adapt to this idea would probably be kicked out of the realm. Those who cannot amass enough courage to let go of weak-links would be embarrassed out of the pursuit to the absolute top. Such people would then probably be left to devote their entire lives to the Kings. The position they could never reach!

But there would also be those who would see absurdity in all this and decide to quit. Those must be the free types who after returning back, never have a good thing to say about the realm and its dwellers.

Whatever the case:

It doesn’t seem like a realm for simple, feeble, or free men! It’s no country for them.



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