How I like the human species to end up

Adesh Acharya
2 min readDec 3, 2022
Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

What do you like to see happen — the human species ascending or descending?

What a strange question to ask yourself early in the morning with a cup of warm water in your hands! Yet, I asked. But, in fact, it was more like the question somehow imposed itself upon me. Otherwise, what business of mine to bother about questions of the future of human species?

Maybe the question was the result of my years of reading, hearing, watching and listening about these general issues. In any case, trying to guess the source of the question is a vague process which brings up equally vague answers.

What I can at least do is try to understand the question.

What does it mean by the human species ascending or descending?

When I think of an ascended human species, images of good smelling people living in clean, well managed spaces, looking beautiful and devoting themselves to high-end ideas such as virtue, success, advancement, honor, freedom — living to achieve and celebrate greatness — conquering planets, comes up in my mind.

Similarly, images of stinky, depressed, unclean people living in chaotic, dirty spaces just for the sake of living, without a higher purpose comes up when I think of a descended human species.

Which of the above will the human species end of being?

Perhaps, all of humanity will ascend, perhaps all will descend. Perhaps, these things will be combined (like it is now) where people of certain areas and types will ascend and people of certain areas and types will descend. Perhaps, there will be a middle ground. Perhaps, there won’t be any distinctions. Perhaps, there won’t be this species.

Perhaps, perhaps, a lot of perhaps! As in every knowledge endeavor.

Well, the question that hit me wasn’t about what will happen, it was about what I like to see happen.

If I try to understand what I like, I will end up with a lot of perhaps there too:

‘Maybe I like this, maybe I don’t.’

‘Maybe what I think I like isn’t really what I like.’

But when I sense what I feel (which liking is) without any aim at understanding, there aren’t any perhaps’. There is a clear answer. And the answer is this:

I like to see the human species descend!

There, I said it.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t have expressed this in public?!