Do You Get Scared?

Adesh Fr
2 min readSep 1, 2022

As I sat in the roof of a house looking at this:

I got scared for a while. Just like when I was in school:

The things in front of me are so large and powerful, I am so insignificant! Yes, the meaningful houses, the silent hills, the incomprehensible clouds, the restless winds. All made me scared. They are all so large and powerful, I — so insignificant!

But then I remembered what I told myself this morning:

I am someone who can lead humans. This doesn’t mean, I will necessarily lead them, it just means I can! And then the fear vanished. Heartbeat went normal. The houses seemed clumsy, the hills conquerable, the clouds penetrable, the winds manageable.

What is fear but a perception of helplessness. A lack of awareness that you, as an individual are equally capable to everything you encounter, if not more!

When you see yourself as an individual who can tame the tamers of wildest beasts, rule the rulers of pettiest bastards, conquer the conquerors of largest mountains — you don’t get afraid anymore. Instead, you perceive yourself as the remover of weaknesses. You get aware of the fact that you are a human — which means you can stare at the sun straight in its eyes and dare to send your camera its way. And the fact is, you are!

It is just a thought, nothing much. You don’t have to go out there and fight for a golden throne — it will make you more fearful anyways, for you start wondering whether there’s another king better than you. And if you fail to slay one, you will fall into the abyss again.

You just have to realize that you can lead…conquer them all!!!

It is all in our thoughts, nowhere else.