Discover More About Yourself Through Your Wallpapers

Using goal-driven wallpapers on a regular basis will make you see weird things about yourself.

Adesh Fr
4 min readAug 28, 2022


A while ago, I wrote an article about using phone wallpapers for thought management:

It is where I discussed how phone’s are our most intimate personal technological devices where our learning, work, communication and entertainment takes place. We spend almost all of our time with/around them which allows us to use the wallpaper function to address all aspects of our life, mind and the confusions too. I also talked about the possibility of using them as mind supplements.

I had written that piece in November of 2021. I have been using phone wallpapers for Thought Management for almost five years now.

Here we are talking about using wallpapers to address all these things, therefore our wallpapers need to communicate to our mind all the things that we want to have communicated. A night sky wallpaper in the background with the current goals written could be a good solution. This way our mind will notice the cosmic/metaphysical context along with the financial/moral — just the way we want it!

This morning I selected all the images I have used as wallpaper over the last two years and placed them inside an album. When I skimmed through them, I discovered a fascinating thing about myself which otherwise eluded me:

I go through two phases of self-definition. One is where I look at myself as a ‘pure philosophical artist’ and the other is where I look at myself as a ‘philosophical artist who does business’.

For me these two phases are significant because they reveal my ethical conundrum for me.

While I am in the ‘pure philosophical artist’ phase, I tend to not care about the enterprising side of whatever I create. I write, make short films, etc. publish them and move on. I also tend to look at business as an ethically corrupt endeavor (done by the petty and the greedy) which is lethal and opposite of pure artistry and wisdom.

Similarly, while I am in the ‘philosophical artist who does business’ phase, I become open-minded towards enterprising as I approach writing, short filmmaking as a business. I also tend to look at ideas to do business on.

Business in this phase is ethically allowed as I consider it to be both a skill and a profession essential to survive in this modern chaos. Where writing is merely a part of business.

Another thing the wallpapers revealed was that each phase lasts for a certain period of time and the transition from one to another is never abrupt. There is always a bridge!

With this amount of information about myself, I analyzed the factors that may have been responsible for the change in phases. Could it be seasonal? I wondered.

One thing I noticed was, whenever I am deep into the ‘pure philosophical artist’ phase, I go through a financial crisis (because I create-publish and move on), which forces me to be open to business activities. How else will I survive!

…And so I slowly creep towards the next phase.

Similarly, when I am deep into ‘philosophical artist who does business’ phase, I feel secure at the thought of being a business-person, which allows me to go deep into philosophical matters, which in turn takes me into ethical/moral paradoxes and then I perceive business as a corrupt endeavor for the petty and the greedy! And so I slowly creep towards the ‘pure philosophical artist’ phase.

This way, I noticed that I was moving around the phases like a pendulum. Those phases are not just fantastic pastimes for me because they determine how I approach people, my works, family and life. For instance, in a ‘pure philosophical artist’ I will not be willing to talk about starting a publishing company with that famous writer, but when I am in the ‘philosophical artist who does business’ phase, I will be open to starting an e-reader manufacturing company…

I get to map the mental battles going on inside me:

For Phase 1,

Phase 2 is ethically corrupt.

For Phase 2,

Phase 1 is an unsuccessful loser.


Although I talked about my phases, it wasn’t my goal with this article to share them. I have only used them as an example of how phone wallpapers can be used to infer useful knowledge about ourselves.

Yes, people talk about the governments and apples misusing our data, and I don’t see us living without these devices at least in the near future. Until there is a general social understanding and we can ward-off these beasts in their current form for once and for all, we can at least use them to infer valuable insights about ourselves. These devices are crazy. We don’t need to pay a firm to know about ourselves WHEN A SIMPLE THING LIKE A WALLPAPER CAN DO THE TRICK!!!

Try it for yourself.