Contrast and the modern life

Grow up in South Asia, live in North America. Or grow up in North America, visit South Asia.

Adesh Acharya
4 min readJun 16, 2024


Photo by Philippe Leone on Unsplash

I scrolled through the pictures of this time last year. There’s an airshow going on here in Barrie, Ontario as I write this. They held it a week early last year. And last year I was there, by the lake, in awe of airplanes maneuvered and dancing in the sky as if fear didn’t exist. It was the first time I saw something like that because I come from a country where we do things as if fun things doesn’t and a good life shouldn’t exist.

(I meant to spill so much in the opening sentence but the sentence structure and the grammar distracted me.)

I didn’t go to the airshow this time, just stayed in the apartment and looked out the window once in a while. I have changed a lot. I looked both lost and in awe last year. Now my beard and hair are longer, my belly is smaller and I look calmer.

I was two months new to Canada this time last year and I didn’t have a job yet. I was pushing myself through Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, etc. to get that writing job I never got. I didn’t know it this time last year that I would have to wait two months and go through hundreds of rejections and no responses before finally settling for a general labour job in a factory. That too in the midnight…