Writers vs Billionaires

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I don’t know what is wrong with me!

While I have done everything possible to convince myself that my only strength and interest is in writing, a miniature me that exists inside my head in the form of a thought keeps telling me that — I am a writer only because I do not possess the talent and genius required to be a billionaire.

What the hell!

I do understand that ours is the age-of-billionaires!

This is due to the following equation (The E=mc² of our age):

Billionaire = Lots of money + Lots of fame + Lots of power + Lots of Intelligence + Lots of Visions + Lots of Ideas

They are people who not only have the most wealth in the world, they also have the most popularity, power and genius!

They have everything. Just like God!

It is exactly what Krishna had.

I think it is this opportunity to be a God that my greedy mind doesn’t want to miss. Hence it keeps bugging me.

What does a writer have?

Writer = Not a lot of money + Not a lot of fame + Not a lot of power + Okay, may be a Lot of Intelligence + Lots of Visions + Lots of Ideas

It is 3:3 internally and

6–3 overall. With the billionaires leading.

I think it is this deficit of 3 that makes the voice appear:

We’ve only got 1 shot at life. Why miss the opportunity to get it all and be a God for some stupid morality/ideal no one cares about!

I grew up thinking this equation was true:

Money ≠ Knowledge

But I was wrong.

Look at this guy: Yuri Milner (forbes.com)

and this LEGEND: Elizabeth Holmes — Wikipedia

and this: Bill Gates (forbes.com)

Jeff Bezos (forbes.com)

this Jack Ma (forbes.com)

and the whole list

Forbes Billionaires 2021: The Richest People in the World

These are all — wealthiest people in the world.


And these are the same people leading us all, through their knowledge and vision into the world of Greenery, Efficiency; BioTech, AI, Space, Mars, etc. They show us the light. They show us our destiny. They guide us. Lead us. Enrich us.

These are the most genius people in the world.



I think the Hindu triumvirate of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were also Billionaires of their time.

What does a writer have?

  1. Incomplete knowledge no one even cares about.
  2. The richest writer is hardly even visible in the sidelines in the playground of the billionaires

I don’t think anything is wrong with me.

My mind merely wants me to unite with my original source — God.

While I thought — as a writer I would be able to understand the world, judge right and wrong and live a life sharing to people what I have understood and seen so that apt actions can be taken where required,

What I have learnt and experienced is that:

I don’t even have power over a piece of rock as a writer. No one cares.

As a writer, my only chance of success will come if I manage to successfully praise the GODs. Just like Dan Brown did in Origin.

What a worthless pursuit!

Why don’t I quit writing and pursue the Billionaire dream, just like one of the billionaires taught through his book THINK BIG.

The amount of effort I put in my writing can be put into doing whatever it takes to be a billionaire someday.

As things stand now, the chance of me being a billionaire seems likelier than earning a few bucks as a writer

The major thing that brought me and keeps me in the writing business is the amount of information I can consume. The things I can learn and know.

But now that I know that Billionaires know more than me, they will always be knowing better, clearer and deeper than me:

What the hell am I even doing?!

If I really want to write, I can write at my convenience after becoming a billionaire: Whatever I like, whenever I like, wherever I like. Just like Trump, Branson and Gates.

This is not even a battle, what was I thinking putting the good old ‘vs’ in between.

It should have been like this:

A Writer < A Billionaire





why am I writing and not pursuing the billionaire dream?

I should have stopped this ten minutes ago and should have searched for ‘Easiest way to make money immediately’ in Google.

Why am I writing? I should be being a billionaire. I should be being a GOD

Maybe I don’t have the talent and genius required to be a billionaire.

But anything is possible if we try, right?

Why am I writing and not pursuing the billionaire dream?

No one cares for a writer but they drool over the billionaires

I can be a genius billionaire like Gates or the guy in Dan Brown’s Origin.

Why have I not deleted my Medium yet?

Why am I still typing?

What the hell is wrong with me?

Why am I writing still?

I am going crazy!

I should be pursuing money and wealth and power and popularity NOT a writing career. NO ONE FKING CARES! THEY CARE FOR BILLIONAIRES

Alright, here’s a justification:

As a writer, I get to stay in the truth. I get to learn. I get to explore my mind and the world. I will not be obsessed all the time with my power, my status, my wealth, my competitors. I get to be free. I get to analyze myself. I get to pursue freedom. I get to criticize things when and where they are wrong. I get to address my psychological/emotional issues and hope others with the same issues relate to it. This way a synergy is created that is far far far greater than MONEY.

Billionaires are actually in chains. Just like Rousseau said.

But Rousseau was a writer what did he know!

As a billionaire too, I get to demand truth and do everything a writer does. On top of it, I get to be rich.

There is nothing special about a writer from a billionaire. Both are lonely! A billionaire has everything a writer has + money.

BILLIONAIRE = WRITER + everything a writer can never have and be

Why am I still writing?

I should be pursuing the life of a billionaire.

Yet, I am writing.

I am a fool.



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