A Few Words Of Affirmation

Adesh Acharya
2 min readAug 9, 2022
The Cover of My Book of Nepali Poetry

There isn’t much time with us to sit and gaze helplessly. Detach those ropes, throw all your shackles, and run where you want to run — there’s no law that asks you to pile where others have already defecated!

No, not self-belief…you will now grow self-certainty in you.
No, not for convincing…you will now use your steps to educate you!

What do they know about the volcano that erupts inside you? In any case, you don’t have time to fight or prove anything to those human pests! Walk…in your self-created paths of heaven, for tomorrow you shall fill yourself with a heat like that of the sun’s!

You haven’t been thrown here to shiver and hope. There’s no time for self-belief…sow self-certainty now! The volcano inside you isn’t the type that extinguishes!

These words are arrows that will strike you square in the heart, and in place of blood, they will cause you to bleed out all of your agony and suffering.

Once again, you sit with that same load. Once again, you have forgotten the powerful feeling that once heated you, that once made you laugh and made you walk in a sword’s edge.

You have once already walked beneath an open sky, but since you have imprisoned yourself inside a cage, you have invited this arrow.

Why do you succumb to their weak mentalities?

Now you will fill your heart with a flame and walk in the opposite direction of the sun. Let the mere thought of you send shivers down their spine!

You don’t strike the brain, your zone is the heart. But first you will ignite yourself. This arrow has brought you back and has killed the weaklings inside you — now all that’s left is the real you…you and your flame…run, ignite. There’s no one to stop you now…run, ignite!

(They are translations of my original Nepali poems.)

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