30 Fun and Wise Nepali Proverbs

Adesh Fr
2 min readDec 5, 2021
Photo by Kasia Palitava from Pexels

Nepal may not be among the strongest and the most powerful nations — but that doesn’t mean it has lacked occasional thinkers with words of wisdom. Here are 30 proverbs from the land of mountains and writers (what?):

  1. The lost fish is always big
  2. He who is thirsty needs to find the spring
  3. A devious friend is worse than an apparent enemy
  4. Opportunities come but do not linger
  5. When the Sun arrives, the Stars disappear
  6. Greed brings Gain, Gain brings Sorrow
  7. Even an ox will give birth — if you are lucky
  8. To be in a hurry when one can barely walk!
  9. You may eat what you want, but you wear for others
  10. When brothers brawl, the villagers exploit
  11. The tiger that eats you will not spare me
  12. You have to tolerate the kicks of the cow which gives you milk
  13. The buffalo is scared of the mendicant just as the mendicant is afraid of the buffalo
  14. When elephants fight, grass trample
  15. Ask for a goat to those who promise you an elephant
  16. When the cat leaves, the rats rule
  17. Too many cats kill no mice
  18. Don’t sacrifice your goat for an ill chicken
  19. Even a black crow lays white eggs
  20. Can a hog muddy the sea?
  21. The forest goes and so does the tiger
  22. Every spring has a different taste, every man a different idea
  23. Pulling a creeper can bring a landslide
  24. No one sits by an extinguished fire
  25. Children are the wealth of the poor
  26. Will impatience bear a son?
  27. A knot tied with joy is untied with tears
  28. While the holy men die of starvation, rogues live on milk and rice
  29. When you’re having a bad day, even an unloaded gun fires
  30. The enemy is never idle