15 Deep Lichtenberg Quotes To Upgrade Your Thoughts

Adesh Fr
10 min readDec 10, 2021
Photo by Tasha Kamrowski from Pexels

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg is one of the most underrated and original thinkers. This 18th century German was a physicist by profession, a philosopher and satirist by nature.

His philosophical/psychological works come to us mostly through his series of notebooks. I read a few notes from them I managed to find on the internet. They were serious life lessons for me. After that, I turned to him whenever I wanted inspiration on free and deep thinking. I still do. His sarcastic, realistic, deep lines cut through a lot of sheepish mental crap of mine.

Here are a few things said about him from relatively credible sources:

Lichtenberg digs deeper than anyone… Only he hears him who digs deep himself — Karl Kraus

Perhaps he was even more remarkable as a psychologist than as a physicist — Sigmund Freud

We may use Lichtenberg’s writings as the most wonderful dowsing rod: wherever he makes a joke, there a problem lies hidden — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Now let us look at 15 Powerful Quotes by him that will upgrade your mind and take your thinking to the next level. These quotes will help you in your Self Improvement. These are sure to make your life stronger and your mind wiser.


15. One has to do something new in order to see something new

If you are from a landlocked country and want to see a yellow-red sun handsomely placed at the horizon of a cozy ocean — holding the hands of your favorite person or with your own contemplative self — you first need to get out of that country of yours!

You need to manage money or figure out a way. The message is simple: You don’t get something for nothing. You have to do something new, you have to get out of your room and its dull ceiling and stare at the sky if you want to see something you have never seen.

Eyes are in your body and so is your brain and your legs. To see new, you need to walk to places new!