11/3/2023: The World I’m In

2 min readNov 3, 2023
Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash

It’s a normal Friday for me. Cold. I feel lazy to do grocery but we are out of onions and rice. I am thinking of Rice Bowl from Subway but my wife insists we buy rice too. Which means I have to go out. Which means I can’t open Murakami’s Killing Commendatore yet. I am too intensed by my black coffee to watch stupid YouTube videos.

So the best thing I can do right now is see what the world is up to and write about it.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) says people are reading about Israel-Gaza on their website. And also about an Australian mushroom poisoning case.

Up here in Canada, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, duh!) also has a most-read section but it calls it ‘Popular Now’. Its website is more like CNN. CBC’s readers like to read about mental health, inflation, and Trudeau.

Down in the US, CNN is about Israel, Trump and Oprah.

The Times of India seems to be interested only in cricket and Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday. And ads. They haven’t even bothered to make their website presentable and readable.

All these media miss spice and substance. I am bored.

I’ll go grocery and have a Rice bowl on my way.